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Youth Section


Catalan Day Poster, May 2010The Scotland's Catalan Centre Youth Section is a group of people of all ages (is the spirit that counts, right?) that organises a series of events in Edinburgh.

We would like to highlight our first "Catalan Day in Edinburgh", held in May 2010, that included a Bastoners Dancing demonstration, a walk, a football match and a talk.

We have also celebrated the Catalan National Day, on the 11th September, with lots of music and dancing.

At the Castanyada, or Halloween, we organised a Catalan Horror film session with the customary roasted chestnuts, sweet potato and Moscatell, a Catalan sweet wine.

The members of the Youth Section have lots more ideas and projects that we would like to take forward. For example, what would you think of a Barcelona FC supporters club? Or would you like to join a trekking group and explore Scotland? Or perhaps, you would like to be a lot more ambitious and be able to organise Catalan band tours? These are some of the things we could do together.

We are looking for people with energy and keen to have a good time. And, if you'd like to propose other ideas, please let us know too!

To find out where we're meeting next, please have a look at the Events Calendar or follow us on Facebook.